The Wide World of Sports

I grew up around sports. When I was young my dad was a track and cross country coach so his daily running and team track meets were a fact of life for me. Although too much of a klutz to be good at anything (I tried softball and basketball as a child), I have always enjoyed watching sports. I went to LA Dodgers and LA Rams (at the time) games and was also a big Lakers fan, way back in the time of Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain. My dad worked at UCLA for a time so I was fortunate to go to football and basketball games there as well.

Now as an adult, my love of sports has not ceased. I love watching the teams, the individual performances, and the drama of the seasons and games as they unfold. I especially love basketball and remain a die-hard Lakers fan to this day. Football is a close second, and since there is no LA team, I actually have been quite an Indianapolis Colts fan for several years, even before they won their first Super Bowl. The Olympics are also great to watch and I look forward to that each time they occur.

What I like best about sports is that it is about humanity. On any given day the underdog can prevail, no matter how ‘invincible’ the other team might be. There are also great stories of people who overcome adversity, whether it is in their childhood or from a poor performance in their last game, to have a ‘career’ day. That has served to be an inspiration to me and a motivator in my own life.

Lastly, sports are just a great way to sit with family and friends, whether in the venue or in front on the TV, and just spend a couple of hours away from the stress of life enjoying pure competition. So I know I will always be a sports fan. And, who knows, I may have some cheers coming my way. I have signed up for the Orange County Half Marathon in May so now have a sports competition of my own – against distance and the clock.

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