Trekking the Planet

After 25 years in the IT industry, my husband and I have decided to take a 14-month long around-the-world journey to travel through 50 countries and six continents. Our mission is to raise geography awareness in K-12 students in a new and exciting way. To engage classrooms, we plan to provide free weekly education modules during our trip that will contain information about the people and places that we are visiting. We will be also be sharing emails, photos and videos with our impressions.

At the heart of our journey will be 11 hikes or treks to experience and appreciate the significance of different places in the world. We will limit the use of air travel and instead rely on ground public transportation whenever possible. Our journey begins in January 2012.

To date, we have over 7,500 classroom subscribers in 11 countries. If you are interested in following our trip, you can subscribe at

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